Our Road to Hatred


Readers will assertively be challenged to reset their thinking about humankind based on the latest scientific and historical information. Updated your smartphone and computer lately? Update your mind.

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What do Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu, America’s Hillary Clinton, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, the Ayatollahs of Iran, and Adolf Hitler have in common?

Amazingly, more than meets the eye. The latest science reveals that no person, regardless of skin color, appearance, or behavior, has enough genetic deviation from other people to classify him or her as a genetically different species (race) from anyone else. So where did humanity get all of its ideas of supremacy and hatred? And what are some of the unthought about consequences of these beliefs and how do they affect our behavior and children?

This website is the gateway to learning the latest science about humanity’s more startling similarities than differences. It is also a portal to understanding how bullies learn to be bullies, how bullies get empowered, and how you and I enable the bullying. It is the place to… Read more

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